Party wave: it only takes two to tango | Photo: Shutterstock

Sharing is caring, and party waves embody the true spirit of surfing. It's time to invite a stranger into your wave and celebrate your love for the sport.

Forget about priorities, and stop thinking about yourself. It's time to embark on a collective ride down the line.

A party wave starts with two surfers and could end with half a dozen enthusiastic party animals. And that's when surfing becomes a team sport.

How do you run a party a wave? It couldn't be simpler. Just be kind, shake hands with strangers, and have fun at the same time.

There's room for everybody - on top of the wave, riding near the whitewater section, carving on the face of the wave, stalling on the shoulder, or performing a relaxed bottom turn in the flats.

And when there's not enough space, all you have to do is jump onto another surfer's board and enjoy the tandem ride.

The more you swap positions on the face of the wave, the more fun you'll have. So, if you're going up, your fellow wave riders should be moving down, and vice-versa.

Party waves: having fun requires surfing experience | Photo: Shutterstock

Dos and Don'ts

Party waves make sense when you're surrounded by friends in a relaxed environment with gentle, rolling waves or dying swells.

It is a fun way to meet new people and an excellent opportunity to have a good laugh.

Longboards or foam surfboards will help make party waves a tremendous success.

In the end, you'll understand why sharing the stoke of surfing with total strangers is an absolute surprise.

Surfing doesn't have to be serious. Sometimes, we all need to transform a poor surfing session into a memorable experience that will only make us better people.

Nevertheless, let's not forget that successful party waves require talented skills.

Otherwise, the chances of someone getting injured or damaging a board will increase.

Party waves are not a good idea in ultra-crowded surf breaks or environments where localism and snaking behaviors dominate the line-up.

Sharing a wave is a cool option on long beaches with multiple peaks or in places where you're sure there's room for everyone.

Honolulu's Waikiki Beach is famous for its occasional party waves.

In the end, remember that safety must come first. Party waves in waves of consequence may put surfers' lives in danger.

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