Winners crowned at the 2015 ISA World Adaptive Surfing Championship

September 28, 2015 | Surfing
Mark Stewart: the 2015 ISA Adaptive Stand Up champion | Photo: Lockwood/ISA

Bruno Hansen, Jesse Billauer, Mark "Mono" Stewart and Felipe Lima have been crowned the 2015 ISA World Adaptive Surfing champions, at La Jolla, in California.

The inaugural ISA World Adaptive Surfing Championship saw Brazilian surfer Fellipe Lima collecting a heat total of 12.93 and winning the first-ever gold medal in the Upright division.

"I couldn’t be happier than I am now. It’s amazing to see this ISA World Championship happen. It has always been my dream, not just to be a World Champion, but also to see the sport grow. This is just the start," said Lima.

Jesse Billauer, from the USA, secured a gold medal in the Assist final. The 10-year-old Davi Teixeira got silver, and Juan Martin De Posadas celebrated bronze.

"After I got injured, competition was not something that I thought about, and now I am the ISA World champion. It’s amazing to be a part of this and have all of the countries involved," added Billauer.

Europe also celebrated a gold medal. Bruno Hansen, from Denmark, put on a solid Prone surfing performance to beat Christian Bailey and Alvaro Bayona.

"I’ve been training hard for ten years, trying to get my mind in the right place. I lost my way completely and surfing brought me back to where I am," revealed Hansen.

Ultimately, the Stand final would crown 52-year-old Mark "Mono" Stewart, who edged out Antony Smyth and Alcino "Pirata" Neto.

"It’s a dream come true. I think every day I’ve had a tear in my eye seeing people who are so dedicated and love the ocean as much as I do. I’ve been waiting 35 years for this event, but I now know that the sky is the limit with Adaptive Surfing," concluded Stewart.

ISA World Adaptive Surfing Championship 2015 | Results

Stand Up
1. Mark Stewart (AUS), 11.13
2. Antony Smyth (ZAF), 10.66
3. Alcino Silva Neto (BRA), 8.43
4. Mike Coots (HAW), 6.03

1. Bruno Hansen (DEN)
2. Christian Bailey (USA)
3. Alvaro Bayona (SPA)
4. Ryan Baker (USA)

1. Jesse Billauer (USA), 10.97
2. Davi Teixeira (BRA), 5.16
3. Juan Martin De Posadas (URU),4.14
4. Darian Haynes (HAW), 3.48

1. Felipe Lima (BRA), 12.93
2. Jeff Munson (USA), 9.83
3. Chris Oberle (USA), 7.00
4. Freddy Carillo (USA), 5.40 uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Learn more on our About section.