Yancy Spencer III: Gulf Coast surf legend

Yancy Bailey Spencer III, the father of Gulf Coast surfing, has been honored with a statue on Pensacola Beach, Florida.

A large number of surf fans gathered at Pensacola Beach for a special moment. The legendary surfer Yancy Spencer III has been immortalized with a beautiful statue.

The artwork displays Spencer's blown-back hair with his surfboard as he heads to the line-up for just another surf session. It was sculpted by Randy New.

"We feel like that Yancy hopefully can represent a lot of the fallen surfers from this area," says J.B. Schluter, Spencer's brother and a Gulf Breeze city councilman.

"You had to dream big if you were a surfer on the Gulf Coast. That's for sure."

Yancy Spencer III passed away in 2011 at the age of 60, suffering a heart attack while surfing at County Line in California.

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