Rockstar WWA Wakeboard World Championships 2014: power on | Photo: World Wakeboard Association

Harley Clifford, Bec Gange, Cory Teunissen, and Reed Hansen claimed the Rockstar WWA Wakeboard World Championships 2014, at Mills Pond Park, behind the Supra Boats SE550.

In the end, and after eight stops, Harley Clifford and Meagan Ethell have been crowned King of Wake and Queen of Wake in the ultimate showdown.

The main event of the day - Pro Men's - attracted hundreds of wake fans with hearts pounding as some of the best riders in the world rode for broke to take the coveted world champion title home.

Clifford, Phillip Soven, Josh Twelker, Tony Iacconi, Shota Tezuka, and Massi Piffaretti crept into the finals, ahead of 12 other pro riders. Gliding into the last heat of the day, it would be Clifford in first, followed by Soven and Tezuka in second and third.

"Well, I turn 21 today, and I just found out I won the King of wake and my whole family is here. Pretty solid day!", expressed Clifford.

Cory Teunissen and Parker Siegele battled for first place since day one of the competition. In the end, Teunissen started with a switch toeside 900 and capped it off with a switch mute mobe taking it all. Siegele took second place, followed by Robby Holihan and local ripper Juan Mendez.

The Pro Wakeskate finals had athletes throwing down runs with a multitude of shove-it based tricks; where the rider leaves the board and then lands on it again. Reed Hansen won it, with Danny Hampson in second, and James Balzer in third.

Siegele and Teunissen tied on points for the Junior Pro Men's series, but Teunissen ended up taking the title. The tiebreaker for the title chase was decided based on first place wins in World Sports & Marketing events throughout the season, and Teunissen won with three.

Rockstar WWA Wakeboard World Championships 2014 | Final Results

Pro Men
1. Harley Clifford
2. Phillip Soven
3. Shota Tezuka
4. Tony Iacconi
5. Massi Piffaretti
6. Josh Twelker

Junior Pro Men
1. Cory Teunissen
2. Parker Siegele
3. Robby Holihan
4. Juan Mendez
5. Gunner Daft
6. Jason Soven

Pro Wakeskate
1. Reed Hansen
2. Danny Hampson
3. James Balzer
4. Brian Grubb
5. Cristobal Mendez

Pro Women
1. Bec Gange
2. Amber Wing
3. Raimi Merritt
4. Meagan Ethell
5. Dallas Friday
6. Tarah Mikacich

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