Harley Clifford: ready to storm the MasterCraft Throwdown | Photo: MasterCraft

The MasterCraft Throwdown 2015 line-up has been announced. The event marks the return of wakeboarding to the X Games for the first time since 2005.

Harley Clifford, Mike Dowdy, Danny Harf, Rusty Malinoski, Massi Piffaretti, Aaron Rathy, Bob Soven, Shota Tezuka, and Freddy Krueger will storm Millennium Park, in Grand Rapids, on August 8th.

MasterCraft Throwdown will pit the biggest names in the sport in head-to-head, single elimination heats where athletes will be scored on their biggest and best tricks. The competition will deliver the largest single-event prize purse in the history of competitive wakeboarding.

Additionally, the Guinness Book of World Records officials will be on hand as ski jumping legend Freddy Krueger will attempt to soar the length of a football field, in hopes of breaking the current world ski fly record of 299 feet, set back in 2000 by Jaret Llewellyn.

The MasterCraft Throwdown 2015 will also feature a full line-up of entertainment including pyrotechnics, light shows, "waterslide slip 'n fly," and "hydroskimming" motorcycles across the lake and more. Wakeboarding legend and two-time X Games gold medalist Parks Bonifay will emcee the event.

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