Dean Smith: smile, you're a dad now

Dean Smith claimed the 2015 Malibu Tokyo Pro, in Odaiba Beach, Japan.

The Australian wakeboarder combined a mix of tremendous technical tricks and spins to beat JD Webb, Phil Soven, Raph Derome, Harley Clifford and Steel Lafferty in the Pro Men's final.

"I'm so pumped to have my son on the podium today to celebrate the win. I've never had a feeling like it in my life! Having a kid has put a lot of things in perspective, and given me new motivation. JD made jokes about this, but it has been true! I think it made it even more special having him next to me on the podium too," revealed Smith.

In the Pro Women's final, Friday was the last to ride and she knew she had to put out a run better than Raimi Merritt's 92.67. But with a near-perfect performance - a 97.00 - Dallas stole the event and recaptured the first place in the Wakeboard World Series.

"It's been a truly incredible weekend and experience here in Tokyo. I am thrilled to take a win here at the Tokyo Pro behind the Malibu 22 MXZ," noted Dallas Friday.

"There's nothing like feeling relaxed, calm and collected out on the water when competing. It makes the win all the better when you can go out and just ride and have fun, and that's what it was all about for me this weekend."

The 2015 WWA Wakeboard World Series is now traveling to Castelo de Bode, in Portugal, for the penultimate stage of the season.

2015 Malibu Tokyo Pro | Finals

1. Dean Smith
2. JD Webb
3. Phil Soven
4. Raph Derome
5. Harley Clifford
6. Steel Lafferty

1. Dallas Friday
2. Raimi Merritt
3. Tarah Mikacich
4. Nicola Butler
5. Melissa Marquardt
6. Taylor McCullough

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