Raph Derome is the Alliance 2012 Rider Of The Year

November 22, 2012 | Wakeboarding
Raph Derome: wake charger

Raph Derome has been named Alliance's 2012 Rider Of The Year. The wakeboarder born in Coteau-Du-Lac, Quebec, has been shredding in the world's best wake spots.

Derome started wakeboarding at 9, when his brother, 7 years his senior, introduced him to it. In a few months, Raph was already going for inverts and full rotations.

By 19, he had already claimed a Jr. Pro Men Tour stop, a Jr. Pro Wake Games Championship, a Wake the Line Title and was named the Transworld Rail Rider of the Year in 2010 and Wakeworld Rider of the Year in 2011.

After recovering from several injuries and surgeries, Raph Derome took the Monster Energy Wake Park Triple Crown, in Dallas, in September 2011.

"I'm looking to take a step away from cables and rails to get back behind the boat for a few months to get all my tricks again. I'll get back on the Pro Tour, and try to travel all over Europe to a bunch of great events over there", explains Derome.

Recently, Derome completed a huge stunt, only about seven houses right from his house, in Quebec, Canada. The new winch spot was dangerous and required confidence.

"The plan was to be really comfortable on the wall to the point, where I could eventually backflip off it. I hit the cab 180/360 out in my first try, but I was not confident enough to flip off of it for some reason", reveals Raph.

"I tried another one and tweaked my knee a little and was not sure if I could or would try it again. When the sun was out, we went to the spot, I tried not to over think and landed it first try. I was so relieved".

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