Hans Kreisel: the fastest windsurfer of the 2018 Luderitz Speed Challenge | Photo: Rasmussen

The 2018 Luderitz Speed Challenge is over, and ten new national records have been set.

Antoine Albeau and Alex Caizergues can relax for now. They are still the fastest windsurfer and kiteboarder on the planet, but there are several riders close on their heels.

In this year's edition, the Luderitz Speed Challenge debuted a live speed update system, which allowed fans to follow the action in real time.

The event had excellent wind conditions, and everyone enjoyed great sportsmanship and cool vibes. The speed strip has been re-shaped to improve the entry speed between one and three knots.

The fastest windsurfer of the Namibian speed sailing meeting was Hans Kreisel with 52.26 knots over 500 meters, and the fastest kiteboarder was Sebastien Cattelan with 53.86 knots.

The national speed sailing records broken in Luderitz were as follows:

Hans Kreisel (NED) 52.26 knots
Gunnar Asmussen (GER) 51.91 knots
Pep Bonnet (ESP) 50.48 knots
Vincent Valkenaers (BEL) 51.71 knots
Steve Allen (AUS) 50.23 knots
Oisin van Gelderen (IRE) 47.97 knots
Morten Knutsen (NOR) 43.50 knots
Pierre Pilon (CAN) 33.31 knots
Miriam Rasmussen (NOR) 43.05 knots
Karo van Tonder (RSA) 41.25 knots

Kreisel was only 1.01 knots short of Albeau's world record, while Cattelan missed the Caizergues' mark by 4.11 knots. Close, but no cigar.

The 2018 Luderitz Speed Challenge had a total of 28 riders competing performing an impressive number of runs - 1,322.

2018 Luderitz Speed Challenge | Fastest Riders

1. Hans Kreisel (NED) 52.26 knots
2. Gunnar Asmussen (GER) 51.91 knots
3. Vincent Valkenaers (BEL) 51.71 knots
4. Twan Verseput (NED) 51.60 knots
5. Andy Laufer (GER) 51.32 knots

1. Sebastien Cattelan (FRA) 53.86 knots
2. Martin Carter (UK) 45.58 knots
3. Roger Oernvang (SWE) 41.45 knots

Women Windsurfing
1. Miriam Rasmussen (NOR) 43.05 knots
2. Karo van Tonder (RSA) 41.25 knots

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