Xavier Ferlet: big in the USA

Xavier Ferlet swept the Formula Windsurfing and Slalom titles, at the 2014 US Windsurfing National Championships, held in Lake Okabena, Worthington.

The competition was run in five days. The last races saw the sun and 17-20 knots of wind invading the regatta field. Christophe Waerzeggers was the only windsurfer that could really beat Ferlet.

But Xavier was unstoppable. Despite a few mistakes, he completely dominated the races of the 2014 US Windsurfing Nationals.

"Christophe finished the first lap of the first race with me but he was on the wrong side of the leeward mark so that gave me an advantage. I won the first three races with a good lead," explains Ferlet.

The Kona divisions were also completely dominated by Steve Gottlieb. Karen Marriott won the Women's Course Racing title.

2014 US Windsurfing National Championships Results

Formula Windsurfing | Course Racing
1. Xavier Ferlet
2. Christophe Waerzeggers
3. Ron Kern

Kona | Course Racing
1. Steve Gottlieb
2. Justin Ahearn
3. Jerome Samson

A-Fleet | Course Racing
1. Mark Boersma
2. Arden Anderson
3. Andy Gratton

Sport Fleet | Course Racing
1. Kelly Johnson
2. James Magnuson
3. Dave Czizk

A-Fleet | Slalom
1. Xavier Ferlet
2. Christophe Waerzeggers
3. Andy Gratton

Kona | Slalom
1. Steve Gottlieb
2. Justin Ahearn
3. Cody Steward

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