New Zealand Wave Nationals: La Franchie family gave no chance

The 2010 New Zealand Windsurfing Wave Nationals final was a family affair with team La Franchie reaching the top two positions.

Chris dominated the final, as he dominated the rest of the competition. He consistently landed aerials off the outside peak and was laying in the most radical turns. These were vertical bottoms turns flowing at full speed onto the other rail and gauging 270° back into the white water.

The thousands of top turns Taranaki has gifted these two brothers, showed through in their smooth style, wave timing and selection.

Chris is the leading sailor in Taranaki at the moment and is showing the standard required for all the aspiring champion wave sailors out there.

Tom Taylor showed he is not just a free style maestro, and has top skills in waves as well. Lots of critical hits and aerials gave him a deserved 3rd place this year.

The results for 2010 Carbon Art Rodgers Dental New Zealand Wavesailing Nationals are as follows:

Open Men

1st Chris La Franchie
2nd Mike La Franchie
3rd Tom Taylor
4th Simon Smith


1st Katrin Dauentry


1st Thomas Davies

Matteson Kai Morey is one of the four sons of Tom and Marchia Morey. He is seeking help to create a documentary on his father's contribution to the action sports industry.

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