The Bexhill to Camber Challenge: it's going to be tough

A group of windsurfers will sail 35 miles between Bexhill and Camber in order to raise funds for Cancer Research UK.

The Bexhill to Camber Challenge will be held between the 28th and 30th August. Some of the team members have been affected by cancer and this is a good way to draw attention to the importance of scientific research.

This windsurfing challenge will be different: there is no rescue cover or support boats. Each windsurfer will have to take care of himself.

The voyage will take between four to ten hours to be completed.

Team members:
Ian Craft, Elwood Ruffle, Roger Comerford, Nick Griffith, Miles Coote, Lauren Whiting, Clifford Meaden, Marcus Whitney, Robin Johnson, Scott Murray

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