UK Freestyle Windsurfing: the weather is as good as the trick

The coming weekend sees the UK Freestyle Tour's final and premier event at the Animal Poole Windfest on Sandbanks Seafront.

On the Tour this year we have been watching the development of some fine up-and-coming Freestyle talent such as Adam Simms, Will Rogers, Al Bentley and the impressive 14 year old, Oscar Carmichael.

Now comes their long awaited chance to take on the established names like Andy “Bubble” Chambers, Max Rowe, Colin “Whippy Dixon” and Ollie Scott who have just returned from their summer training in Vass.

With the wind forecast looking pretty good for both Saturday and Sunday, the action on the water should be fast and furious and the stars will no doubt also be out on Friday tuning their kit and practicing their moves ready for the weekend contest.

Competitors' Registration for all fleets will be at the Windfest Event Site with Hugo Lewis from 9.00 am until 10.00 am on Saturday.

Our Head Judge is the legendary PWA Head Judge, Duncan Coombes, and depending on wind direction and conditions the competition will be held off Sandbanks Beach or in the harbour.

Animal are as always the major sponsor of the event and will be generously providing cash prizes for the Pro’s and product prizes for all other Fleets.

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