Swedish Formula Windsurfing Championships: Robert is surely blond

This year's Championship was located in Getskär, just south of Gothenburg.

The forecast for the weekend looked promising. A gale just outside the coastal zone would give good weather. The fleet also included sailors from Norway and Estonia. There 27 competitors for the Formula Windsurfing class and 10 in the Techno 293 class.

On Saturday, skipper met a lot of wind and massive rain in the morning and many spontaneous complaints were heard over the course of the unstable winds and lost places. Nevertheless the conditions, defending champion Robert Åberg SWE-13 was in the lead after the first day.

On Sunday, the wind direction was more southerly and much better in direction than on Saturday, but still gusty. Robert was really hungry and wanted to defend his championship title. He sailed safely and won the first race.

Race two and three went directly back-to-back and Robert nailed them too. In the short course also there are many sailors in a small area, so control is needed not to collide.

With 18-25 knot winds, Robert and a few were flying on 12 and 12.5 sqm. A lot of spectacular crashes on the course occurred when the sea started to build choppy. After nine races, we had a crystal clear superb champion.

1st Robert Åberg SWE-13 (Stockholm)
2nd Per Boström SWE-92 (Åmål)
3rd Johan Ekstedt SWE-64(Stockholm)

Surf forecasting is the process or method of predicting the behavior of swells and the breaking of the waves near the coastline.

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