Gabriel Browne: ahead of his longtime rival

The competition brought windsurfers back again to Icaraizinho, a spot about a two-hour drive North from Fortaleza.

A short downwind slalom course was run on the first day and a longer course on the second day.

With stronger winds gusting up to 30 knots on the first day, competitors used 7.0 and small boards. On the second day, the wind died down a bit and they switched to bigger boards, but still on 7.0s.

A total of 11 slalom finals were run during the two days and there was a good battle between the top 3, which consisted of Gabriel Browne who took the title, Schurmann in second and Mathias Pinheiro in third.

The contest now heads to Flexeiras for the IFCA Slalom Worlds.

1. Gabriel Browne (Starboard)
2. Wilhelm Schurmann (Starboard/Neilpryde)
3. Mathias Pinheiro (North/Starboard)

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