Windsurfing: Henrik Beyer wrote a prayer to the almighty Aeolus | Photo: Henrik Beyer

What do windsurfers do when there is no wind and no action at all? Do we pack up and go home? Or should we turn to ancient invocations to increase the chance of sailing?

We have traveled far and have finally arrived. The sail is rigged, and suddenly, the wind dies.

With great frustration and disappointment, we turn to apps or fellow sailors to figure out if it's coming back.

Perhaps after lunch or later in the afternoon. Should we rig a bigger sail to make sure we are ready? Or should we pack up and come back later?

Sometimes, we only have three hours until we have to be back at the office or pick up the kids. Is there anything we can do?

Instead of turning to apps and modern-day forecasts, maybe we need to communicate with the man himself - the boss. The almighty Aeolus was the ruler of the winds in Greek mythology.

He was a son of Poseidon, the god of the sea, and must be the guy to turn to. If we show our respect and offer our souls to him, he might be pleased and give us wind.

Henrik Beyer, windsurfer and author of "Health & Fitness for Windsurfing," wrote a prayer to please our shared god, Aeolus.

Almighty Aeolus, ruler of the winds.

I thank you for blessing me with your presence.

I honor all your work. Storms or breeze.

I am thankful for the stoke you have given me.

Your existence is a condition for my happiness.

I ask of only two things: your touch on my sail and on the ocean.

My offering to you is my soul and passion for experiencing your manifestation.

I pray for you to be in my life today.

"With faith in the almighty Aeolus, we might have more patience to wait for his influential work and enjoy even more awesome windsurfing sessions," considers Henrik Beyer.

Let's pray.

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