And the winners of the Indoor de France 2016 are...

April 4, 2016 | Windsurfing
Indoor de France 2016: windsurfing at the Bercy Arena, in Paris | Photo: Indoor de France

Kauli Seadi and Alice Arutkin are the grand winners of the Indoor de France 2016, held at the Bercy Arena, in Paris.

The event attracted 140 media professionals from all over the world and had hundreds of fans watching on-site. Indoor de France was clearly a success and boosts the chances of having indoor windsurfing once again as part of the PWA World Tour.

The stars of the sport were there; the odd moments were there - especially when Robby Naish forget his harness in a semifinal heat - and the cable camera shots added that extra action sports feel to the whole contest.

Seadi and Arutkin didn't win any final - slalom or jump - but they had the best overall performances in both divisions. As a result, they were crowned the All Star Wind Games champions.

"It was an amazing felling to be doing windsurf jumps in the middle of Paris city, with 10,000 people watching the show! Congrats to all the riders that pushed the level, like Traversa with sick air chachos and Nico with a nice double loop in the final!" expressed Kauli Seadi.

Nicolas Akgazciyan was the best indoor windsurfer of the competition. Despite having a terrible first day, he won the second final of slalom division ahead of Kauli Seadi, Erik Thiémé, and Robert Teriitehau; and he conquered the hearts of the judges in the jump contest with an outstanding double loop.

Indoor de France 2016 | Results

Slalom Men | Day 1
1. Robby Naish
2. Antoine Albeau
3. Kauli Seadi
4. Nico Agazciyan

Slalom Men | Day 2
1. Nico Akgazciyan
2. Kauli Seadi
3. Erik Thiémé
4. Robert Teriitehau

Jump Men | Day 1
1. Thomas Traversa
4. Kauli Seadi

Jump Men | Day 2
1. Nico Akgazciyan
2. Thomas Traversa
3. Kauli Seadi

Slalom Women | Day 1
1. Alice Arutkin
2. Helene Noesmen
3. Marion Mortefon
4. Maelle Guilbaud

Slalom Women | Day 2
1. Maelle Guilbaud
2. Cecile Decourt
3. Alice Arutkin
4. Delphine Cousin

Jump Women | Day 1
1. Nathalie Cottard

Jump Women | Day 2
1. Nathalie Cottard
2. Alice Arutkin