British Virgin Islands ready for HIHO 2008

March 1, 2008 | Windsurfing

Highland Spring

Highland Spring HIHO 2008 is gearing up to be the most exhilarating windsurfing and sailing extravaganza yet to be hosted by the organizing Ocean Promotions team. The annual event, which takes place this year from June 29 - July 6 shows off the hot spots and shares the windsurfing secrets of the British Virgin Islands.

Windsurfing racers compete in class races from one island to the next whilst non-racers follow the route aboard the captained Moorings catamarans, which serve as 'home' for the week. The new Kona racing class, faster Neil Pryde sails and new additions to the itinerary make the 2008 edition the perfect pre-cursor to next year's 30th anniversary.

Getting a big push in 2008 is the Kona class. Perfect for inter-island racing, the 220 liter Kona longboard appeals to a wide range of abilities. Kona racers will compete under one-design class rules with participants assigned to one of three classes: Light weight (5.8m sail) 64.9k (143lbs); Medium weight (7.4m sail) 65-85k (143-187lbs); Heavy weight (9.0m sail) over 85.1k (187lbs).

"The Kona class appeals to a broad range of participants" notes event organizer, Andy Morrell. "The board is simply ideal for inter-island racing." Racers can also choose the Techno 2 class where up to 45 windsurfers will compete on identical BIC Techno 283 boards. Racers in this class may use any three sails they like. Sponsor Neil Pryde offers the 2008 V8 and new Hellcat flat water freerace sail.

The event offers all equipment for rent for both the Kona and Techno 2 classes. Changes to the itinerary keep the route fresh and exciting. This year, racers and the fleet of captained Moorings yachts will make a lunch stop at Moskito Island in Virgin Gorda's North Sound.

Also on the itinerary is the famous 14-mile reach beyond the horizon to Anegada. Two races down the famed Sir Francis Drake Channel are also planned for this year.

Highland Spring HIHO caters to individuals, groups and families. A kid's camp ensures that children have as much fun as they can handle both on the water on BIC Opens and ashore. Land based activities such as island tours, treks, and spa sessions add variety to the daily options open to the adults.

Healthy and tasty lunches are set up on beaches ahead of time and after a decent break, it's on to the next anchorage ready for dinner and a night of partying.

Source: IWA

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