The Ultimate Windsurfing Van: better than a 5-star hotel

Have you ever dreamed of traveling with the perfect van for a windsurfing trip? Danny Steyn, from Fort Lauderdale, has just built the ultimate windsurfing van from a Dodge Freightliner Sprinter.

After having customized a Dodge B250 ten years ago, Steyn upgraded his skills and designed a new and better windsurfing vehicle, with a higher roof.

The first step was to completely remove all the stock liner boards by carefully drilling out the rivets.

Soon after came the Styrofoam roof insulation material, the upholstered wall paneling, a ceiling vent and the sound and GPS navigation systems.

After carefully measuring the curvature of the walls, Danny started welding up the windsurfing racks to hold three boards and the booms.

The green nautical bed patterns were chosen by his wife and the 18" Mercedes G-Wagen Wheels.

Finally, it was time to do a little badge conversion and for a customization of the optional rear step bumper.

Danny Steyn respected all the legal procedures and did not attempt to make any illegal van tuning.

If you would like to understand how you can turn your vehicle into the ultimate windsurfing van, read through his step-by-step at

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