RS:X Windsurfing: gear is expensive

The International RS:X Class Association has announced the launch of the RS:X Marketplace.

Windsurfers wanting to sell or buy RS:X equipment will now be able to trade gear on the Olympic windsurfing class website.

It's never easy to trade windsurfing boards, sails, masts, or booms. One option is to post handwritten adverts on official notice boards at clubs or when at regattas, but the audience is very limited.

"From these experiences, we developed the idea to create a web environment dedicated to the RS:X community, which would provide easy access to a marketplace to sell and buy equipment easily", the RS:X class explains.

"We provide excellent seller tools to best describe your items, and you can upload multiple adverts and photos free of charge. We don't charge any fees for buying or selling."

Start buying or selling RS:X gear at

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