Civitavecchia decides last places for the Youth Olympic Games in Singapore

April 11, 2010 | Windsurfing

T293 Class: this is tight competition

The last day at Civitavecchia and the final chance to claim a place in the Youth Olympic Games in Singapore. Countries who have qualified at this regatta:

Boys : ESP, ITA, NED
Girls: ITA, BLR, HKG

An earlier start was scheduled to maximise the opportunity of racing but light winds meant a long wait on the beach! Tension mounted, and the deadline for the last possible start of 15.00 approached.

Eventually, sailors were called on to the water, the wind was light, but hopefully enough for racing. But then, close to the starting procedure for race 8, the wind dropped to 4 knots - the boards were postponed on the water!

Finally, race 8 started for the boys on a course further from the shore and the girls started as the boys were on their second windward leg. Naomi Cohen ISR 7, lead the girls to the windward mark but it was Hadas Zaga, also from Israel, who shone at the end by winning race 8. The race had to be shortened for the girls as the wind dropped and there was no more time for further racing.

Mayan Rafic won the boys' race, Brit Kieran Martin got a fourth which was not enough to put him back at the top. Chun Leung Cheng's worst, and discarded performance this championship made no difference to his final third position.

The three girls on the podium are only separated by one point each - today's race meant delight for Naomi Cohen back in first and disappointment for Veronica Fanciulli now in third place. Audrey Yong Pei Lin takes home the silver.

That is it for this regatta! The race committee did a great job completing the maximum possible races in the conditions available.

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