David Garrel and Nicky Van Hoof lead the speed fleet

May 9, 2011 | Windsurfing
Belgium Speed Week: sailing fast

David Garrel and Nicky Van Hoof took the lead of the European Speed Windsurfing Championships, after being completed the first round of competition.

The Fanatic Belgian Speed Week 2011 was held in windy Gruissan, France. Fifty one windsurfers enjoyed a first day of interesting sailing conditions, despite the two-meter waves and onshore gusts.

In the second day of speed windsurfing, the race officer moved the event to an inland location, at Marin, to get flatter water conditions. A fun slalom race was run. On the third day, the wind increased and windsurfers had a counting round.

On Friday, the officers changed the course three times as winds were shifting between 15 and 25 knots. Then, no wind.

The Fanatic Belgian Speed Week 2011 could've had more windsurfing races, but also could not had been run. Garrel and Van Hoof are the sailors to beat in the next round of the 2011 European Speed Windsurfing Championships.

Fanatic Belgian Speed Week 2011 | Results


1. David GarrelMale
2. Torsten Mallon
3. Patrick Van Hoof
4. Wilfried Vanherweghe
5. Alain Degendt
6. Manfred Merle
7. Marco Bal
8. Björn Haacke
9. Marco Van der Leer
10. Yves Grossen


1. Nicky Van Hoof
2. Birgit Höfer
3. Imke Debruyn

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