Dennis Klaaijsen sails 613.8 kilometers in 24 hours

July 17, 2013 | Windsurfing
Dennis Klaaijsen: windsurfing 613.8 kilometers for 24 consecutive hours

Windsurfer Dennis Klaaijsen has sailed 613.8 kilometers (331.4 nautical miles) non-stop for 24 hours to establish a new world record.

Windsurfing is setting new goals and breaking them. Dennis Klaaijsen, from the Netherlands didn't have much time to sleep when decided to sail for 24 consecutive hours, in the Grevelingen lake, near Rotterdam.

Klaaijsen woke up at 1.30am and drove with the support team to the Dutch sailing spot where he wanted to make history. At 4.50am, there was enough light to start.

"Every 75-100 kilometers, I'd make a pit stop by the boat to stock up on energy and water. Around 3pm I had 350 kilometers on the GPS display. The cruising speed was of between 30-35 knots, with peaks of up to 39 knots"

At 9.15pm, Dennis Klaaijsen had passed the 550-kilometer mark and the world record was already his. He still had another 7.5 hours in the bag and was determined to keep on sailing the full 24 hours.

Winds had dropped after sunset and the Dutch windsurfer kept adding kilometers to the world record. At 2am, with a total of 613 kilometers, Klaaijsen decided to rest.

"I am left with the question... Is 700 kilometers within reach?"