Windsurfing and football: a strange combinations of sports

Sam Esteve has been trying to figure out a way of blending windsurfing with football. It doesn't seem to work, but it can be fun.

Is it the offseason or the silly season? Whatever the answer is, the French freestyle windsurfer is getting creative while prepping for the 2019 PWA World Tour.

Esteve finished eighth last year, so he should be quite pleased with his performance among the elite.

But that doesn't mean he isn't actively training for a bigger and better season. That's why he came up with a (not so) brilliant idea.

Why not bring the best of two antagonistic worlds? Why not merge an individual sport like windsurfing with a team sport like football?

The bold proposal needs an extra player who knows how to kick a soccer ball and coordinate between the windsurfer and the footballer.

The outcome may not be a successful sports formula, but it sure is entertaining to watch.

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