Jamaer and Ten Hoeve challenge a Danish snowstorm

February 20, 2018 | Windsurfing
Leon Jamaer and Martin Ten Hoeve: enjoying a snowy windsurfing session in Agger, Denmark

Leon Jamaer and Martin Ten Hoeve went windsurfing in Agger, Denmark, during a cold snowstorm that hit the coast.

With air temperatures reaching 0°C (32 °F), they were naturally the only ones out there ripping the perfect waves, smoothed by the offshore wind.

"Leon had already texted me days before, telling me that Agger would be pumping. He wanted to know if I would want to go. Normally, I sail here all winter but lately, the temperatures have been around and under 0°C!" explains Ten Hoeve.

"Therefore, I have been checking, not just wind and wave forecasts, but also temperature forecasts and I could see it would be really cold on that day. That didn't seem to affect Leon much, so what can you? Just follow the lion and go all in."

"On the first day, we sailed till sunset. It was clean, smooth and sunshine and pumping. The waves were on one point between two and three meters and completely smooth and hollow with side-offshore breeze."

"The next day, it was cold and cloudy! The rain was forecasted, but it had already turned to snow on our way to the spot. The waves were big, and the snow was just coming down like crazy. Not a good day to break anything out there in the back with a water temperature of around 2°C and air under 0, so we tried to stay near the pier and not going too far out."

"The waves there were big and clean! The wind was a bit gusty, maybe because of the pier just next to us. It was just the two of us, and we could pick all the waves we wanted. All in all, it was an epic session!" concludes Martin.

The footage is quite impressive. Watch how Leon Jamaer and Martin Ten Hoeve challenge the blizzard conditions in Agger, in the northwest of Denmark.

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