Kim Lythgoe

Kim Lythgoe has drowned in a tragic accident whilst taking a well-earned holiday in the Maldives.

Kim jumped into the water from a chartered yacht. Something that he must have done many many times before. He surfaced normally and then must have suffered a hydrocution.

Onboard were a number of friends one of whom is a doctor and expert diver.

When they noticed after some minutes that Kim was nowhere to be seen, the doctor put on his equipment and submerged him into 30-meter deep water to try and rescue Kim.

The visibility was not good. There was nothing that he could do.

Kim's body was later recovered and is now on its way to Spain via France. He will arrive in Santander on Wednesday and be taken to a mortuary by the RFEV. On Thursday his body will be cremated. His ashes will be sprinkled on the sea. Many friends will be there.

For Kim's familly, for all his friends, for Marina, for Blanca, for the Spanish Windsurfing Dream Team, for Royal Spanish Sailing Federation, for the world of windsurfing, for the world in general a bright and constant light has been snuffed out in a tragic diving accident in the Maldives.

Sadly this is not the first time that the world of windsurfing has had one of its loved ones snatched away in a drowning accident and it will probably not be the last.

However, It reminds us again. Live for today for tomorrow we may not be here. Do not let petty rivalries separate us. Windsurfing has lost a great servant and supporter. Honour Kim's memory by putting your personal ambitions aside, be friends for the greater good of everyone involved.

Rest in Peace Kim. You will be in our hearts and memories for all time.

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