Lars Petersen: 46 and charging | Photo: Carter/PWA

He is one of the windsurfing veterans on the PWA World Tour. Lars Petersen, 46, is still fired up.

The Danish has had a fulfilling career. In the past three decades, he participated in more than 50 World Cup events and countless national competitions and tested over 400 windsurf boards.

The road to professional windsurfing has never been easy, but Lars Petersen is happy with the outcome. That is why he decided to share his "Fire" with us.

"The film portrays the burning passion that I have had all my life for my sport," explains Petersen.

"It's been super fun working on the project, focusing on all the details, and getting each shot perfect. We have really been putting a lot of time into it!"

Lars has spent his life riding waves. Today, he is one of the best-known windsurfers in Scandinavia.

He has won more wave competitions than any other Danish sailor and, having been around since the beginning, he has even named several spots, including the most famous windsurfing location in Denmark - "Middles," in Hanstholm.

Despite Denmark's cold weather, Lars Petersen is always extremely active. The wave windsurfing expert balances his sports career with his film and media company, FYM Productions.

The Cold Hawaii specialist will continue performing the highest maneuvers in Denmark's skies. Petersen will certainly leave his mark on future Scandinavian windsurfing generations.

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