Tricktionary 3: this could be the Windsurfing Bible

This is the moment all windsurfers were waiting for. The "Tricktionary 3: Windsurfing Bible" is out now, and it is gorgeous.

Windsurf books are rare these days, but sometimes we get surprised by an incredibly good title. And this is one of the best book featuring windsurfing in a long time.

Michael Rossmeier is the author of the popular Tricktionary book series. He has been windsurfing since 1993, first as a professional athlete and later as a coach, so he knows how to pour his experience into a useful guide.

"Since the very successful versions 1 and 2, I taught and also learned a lot. But besides that, for the new Tricktionary I knew it was necessary to bring in fresh information from various other contributors," explains Michael Rossmeier.

The author says he spent three years perfecting "Tricktionary 3: Windsurfing Bible." And we have reasons to believe him. The book features seven main chapters: Basics, Slalom, Light Wind Freestyle, Planing Freestyle, Jumping Freestyle, Power Freestyle, and Wave.

You'll find a detailed description of tricks, maneuvers, techniques, and gear, as well as helpful tips for improving your windsurfing style.

Tricktionary 3: Windsurfing Bible: Michael Rossmeier has tips for almost everything

But Rossmeier is not alone. He invited a few contributors, and their insights are truly precious. Andy Brandt, Philip Soltysiak, Derek Rijff, Leon Jamaer and Jem Hall share their knowledge and help you become a better sailor.

The "Tricktionary 3: Windsurfing Bible" is an incredible hardcover handbook with no less than 488 pages and hundreds of high-quality photos and illustrations.

If you're afraid it gets too technical, don't be. The book is aimed at all windsurfers, from the first-timers to the advanced sailors. You'll learn how to rig, plane, and pull simple, intermediate and pro tricks.

"More than half the book consists of non-jumping tricks, topics, pre-exercises, and drills. Thanks to all the riders who were performing in front of our camera, always ready to do the move a dozen times until it was perfect," concludes Rossmeier.

There's even a mobile app with interactive content that will track your progress throughout the season and over the years.

Tricktionary 3: Windsurfing Bible: 488 pages of detailed descriptions and illustrative photos

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