Mike Waltze returns with the Original Windsurfer

May 24, 2011 | Windsurfing
Mike Waltze: still stoked

The Original Windsurfer has returned to the competition waters, at the XXVI World Festival On The Beach Mondello, in Palermo, Italy. To celebrate 37 years of windsurf racing, the Legend's Race attracted some of the athletes who have made history in the sport.

The legendary Mike Waltze, from USA, sailed in the Windsurfer Legend's Race and took a superb second place, right after the Australian Scott O'Connor. Gilles Calvet placed third.

It was a great contest with a great vibe. In the Women's division, Jessica Crisp showed her old school skills to take the first place. Crisp sailed in the Olympic Games, in Los Angeles, back in 1984, and never quit windsurfing.

"My spirit has remained the same as always and continued to feed my passion. Many athletes of my age have stopped and have passed on their passion to the children. Mondello is a beautiful place", said Crisp.

The Italian Mario Valdivieso dominated the International Open Race in the Lightweight category, followed by Gilles Calvet and Paul Meester.

In the Heavyweight's division, Stuart Gilbert got over Maurizio Bufalini and Onno Tellier. In the Women's side, it was Valeria Zullo taking top honors.

Ricardo Giordano, one of the best Italian windsurfers of all time, returned to Mondello. He has three Olympic Campaigns under his belt (Sydney, Barcelona, and Athens) and was very happy to be part of this event.

"I could not miss this extraordinary opportunity to come to Palermo and to return to my sea of Mondello. Although I live abroad, this is my sea, my life", said Giordano.