La Planche à Voile à la Papa: an old school windsurfing event held in France | Photo: Aerial Pictures

If you're a fan of the good old days, you'll love this retro windsurfing event. It's called "La Planche à Voile à la Papa."

Windsurfing has come a long way since the Windsurfer One Design époque. The boards, the sails, the gear, and all side accessories became lighter and more functional.

Old-school windsurfing was all about having fun and cruising across the water under sunny skies and gentle winds.

Today, everything's different - we seek the highest jump, the raddest maneuver, and the fastest lap.

The good news is that there are still many old windsurfing kits out there. And when they're taken out of the dusty garage, their colors shine like never before.

A group of dedicated windsurfers rigged up their classic kits at Aytre, France, and set sail. Do you remember the iconic Mistral One Design?

Here's a cheer for 1980s windsurfing.

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