Wing-Surfer: Robby Naish designed a hand-held sail that can be paired with a foil board | Photo: Robby Naish

Naish announced the launch of the Wing-Surfer, a hand-held sail that can be paired with a foil board or stand-up paddleboard (SUP).

Robby Naish is the ultimate wind sports pioneer. He was at the heart of the windsurfing revolution and was able to transform his passion into a profitable business.

Later, Naish and his team entered the kiteboarding business and managed to deliver high-quality and durable products. The brand thrived.

Recently, the windsurfing veteran created a foiling division for the ever-growing enthusiasts of hydrofoils, whether they're surfers, windsurfers, or kiteboarders.

But Robby Naish has always wanted to get from good to great and never sat on the sofa of success. The Californian, 55, is continuously pushing water sports forward with intelligent and creative innovations.

Now, Naish announces the launch of the Wing-Surfer, a hand-held wing that can be used with foil boards.

Wing-Surfer: a simple and fun sail for foiling | Photo: Robby Naish

An Inflatable Wing for Foil Addicts

The Wing-Surfer is a simple way of harnessing the power of the wind without the need to use lines, booms, harnesses, or masts. You just grab the inflatable bladder and sail away.

"Hand-held wings have been around for decades - the Skate Sail, Wind Skate, Wind Weapon, etc. But everything has its time, and the time for this is now," said Robby Naish.

The company waited until all the details were worked out and everything was in full production before showing anything.

"The Wing-Surfer by Naish was meticulously engineered. It is lightweight and simple. No hardware, no rigging, no bar, no lines. Just pair it with a foil board or SUP and give yourself a whole new dimension of incredible fun on the water!"

One question that comes to mind is how long the rider will be able to hold that wing. But one thing is sure: it is always better to have a product like this available than to have nothing at all.

The Wing-Surfer hits the market by early summer 2019.

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