Prince Charles: a fan of the Windsurfer One Design | Photo: Life

Prince Charles was once known as the "Action Man." As a young bachelor, His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales used to take on challenging sports and radical activities.

The late 1970s saw a boom in the number of people experiencing windsurfing. Europe surrendered to the easiest way to sail in a river, lake, or ocean.

Windsurfing was a mobile new sailing craft. You could easily transport windsurf gear in a car.

The man formerly known as Charles Philip Arthur George was one of the first Royal members in the world to discover windsurfing.

In this "Life" magazine photograph, Prince Charles shows his excellent physical shape and matchless style.

A Windsurfer Fan

The photo was taken in August 1978 in Australia and published in the local press. It looks like Prince Charles is sailing a Windsurfer One Design.

These were the days when HRH thought Australia should be an autonomous Republic.

Meanwhile, the winds of change blew in many ways. The Windsurfer One Design class almost disappeared, but it is now being brought back to life thanks to a retro flashback.

The British Prince is a water sports fan. He enjoys polo, scuba diving, and sailing.

Prince Charles would certainly be a superb windsurfing and kitesurfing ambassador and support for keeping both sports in the Olympic Games.

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