RS:X used windsurfing equipment to let

February 12, 2008 | Windsurfing

Following the success and take-up of the previous shipment of used RSX equipment, Pryde Group UK are pleased to announce that we have committed to a second shipment which has now been delivered and is available to purchase through Boardwise.

The equipment consists of boards, masts, booms, and sails. Anybody looking to get into competitive “one design” windsurfing racing can now afford to race RSX without the financial restriction of having to buy brand new.

This ex demo kit represents huge savings on new prices and offers an affordable route into the RSX scene.

We have purchased extra sails for those who wish to carry spares or use training rigs between events, I have personally hand chosen these sails myself and am very happy with the quality of equipment we have secured with some of the sails still in their new wrappers!

Once again supply is limited and will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. After-sales support and warranty will be covered by Boardwise and Pryde Group Uk so whatever purchase you make can be done in complete confidence.

We are committed to building the RSX fleet in the Uk and this is part of the effort being made to ensure that.

This equipment represents a more affordable way into the RSX Olympic class and a tentative “toe in the water”. Residual values remain high so as this second-hand market builds the class and fleet sizes will benefit as a whole.

Please contact Ian at Boardwise for item descriptions, prices, and availability. Pictures can be sent, but there is a limited supply so to avoid disappointment you’ll need to act soon.

Source: UKWA

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