Sailwave: free sailing scoring software system

Sailwave is a free sailing scoring software system that has been in development since 2000.

Colin Jenkins, a computing specialist from Newport, UK, has spent thousands of hours creating a professional solution for all wind sports.

The British programmer created a Windows-based application that allows windsurfing clubs and sailing event managers to introduce a flexible, high-quality judging solution.

Sailwave is always being upgraded and improved. The sailing scoring software allows users to develop third-party tools and help resources that may be useful to the original interfaces.

Committee boat suites, auto hoot, and customized grand prix finishes have been added to make Sailwave always better.

Sailwave has no formal competitor structure. You can use competitor fields to group them by division, fleet, club, class, and doing so does not constrain you when scoring or when entering results.

The overall look of the scoring software is configurable by the user. The initial user interface level is minimal, and you can add your preferences to each windsurfing competition file.

Download the latest version of Sailwave at

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