Windsurfing: watch the most epic fails, the most painful crashes, and the most dangerous wipeouts | Photo: Carter/PWA

The wind has an incredible force, and when humans are not competent enough, accidents will happen. Take a look at some of the most painful windsurfing videos available on the web.

Wipeouts are only funny for those who watch from the sidelines. And when they involve windsurfing equipment and flesh-and-bone windsurfers, it can get pretty scary.

Windsurfing wipeouts have already sent hundreds of people to surgery rooms and hospital beds.

Why? Well, a Force 10 storm (with winds of 48–55 knots) can quickly transform a challenging windsurf session into a monstrous nightmare.

If it is your destiny to crash, nothing will stop it. Not even a strong pair of arms or the world's best harness.

The good news is that collisions and wipeouts are not exclusive to windsurfing beginners.

Crashes happen all the time to novice sailors, intermediate windsurfers, weekend warriors, and professional athletes competing in slalom, freestyle, wave, and speed disciplines.

So, sit back and relax. At least this time, it won't hurt.

Will you watch embarrassing moments? Sure.

Are there broken masts involved? Yes. Do first-timers to windsurfing put out an entertaining show? Absolutely.

The Fail and Crash Compilation

Let's kick things off with a freestyle fail-and-crash compilation:

Indoor windsurfing can have dangerous consequences, especially when you can't hit the ramp right.

Let's take a look at the best windsurf fails of the Indoor France 2016:

Wind equals speed equals bone-crushing wipeouts.

Speed windsurfers know well how it feels when you're sailing at 50 knots and your equipment suddenly collapses.

In the waves, there's one big problem - you can't stop a moving avalanche.

And if you don't get enough wind, or if you don't nail a perfect bottom turn, there will be mayhem.

Let's end on a positive note - pros are crashing all the time.

Here's a wipeout video compilation shot during the 2016 Fuerteventura PWA Grand Slam.

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