The best windsurfing spots in Africa

Africa: a continent waiting to be explored by windsurfers | Photo: Carter/PWA

The African coastline is huge. In over 26,000 kilometers (16,000 miles), you can find multiple wind patterns. So, it's fair to say that the African continent is windsurfing heaven.

The most frequent winds in Africa are east and southeast winds. Therefore, you can actually detect four different consistent windsurfing regions in the birth of humanity.

Northern Africa (Morocco, Canary Islands, and Cape Verde), Southern Africa (Namibia and South Africa), Southeastern Africa (Mozambique), and Northeastern Africa (Tunisia and Egypt) will likely deliver above-average wind speeds, almost all year-round.


The Essaouira is the best windsurfing region in Morocco.

The place is blessed with trade winds and stable Atlantic swells. The historic town offers hot, dry summers and mild, rainy winters.

If you plan to go windsurfing in Morocco, make sure you'll travel between April and September.

Explore the local culture, and get your sail out in the water somewhere between Sidi Abdallah, located north of Essaouira, and Aghanaje, south of Essaouira.

Cabo Verde: a windsurfing heaven | Photo: Carter/PWA

Cape Verde

Cape Verde has a long windsurfing tradition.

European sailors have been exploring the Portuguese-speaking archipelago for decades because of its reliable northeast winds.

Sal is the place to be. Here, you'll find perfect waves and 20-knot winds between December and May.


Namibia is a very windy nation and is also home to the world's oldest desert, the Namib.

The country's aridity is also a synonym for high wind reliability.

Walvis Bay offers plenty of speed windsurfing spots, thanks to the high south and southwest winds that blow between September and December.

Luderitz, Namibia: home to the world's fastest windsurfing records | Photo: Luderitz Speed Challenge

South Africa

South Africa is a vast country with a 180-degree coastline.

On the west coast, the region around Vrendenburf offers consistent south-southeast and southwest winds between November and March.

Antarctic swells will pump the hearts of all wave sailing enthusiasts.

Around Cape Town, there's a lot to do.

You can ride Table Bay in front of the urban area, but also Cape Peninsula's Atlantic coast and False Bay's warm waters, profoundly influenced by the Agulhas Current.

From November to March, the southeast winds will blow your mind.

But if you still have time for a classic road trip, head to Overberg for solid wind action and breathtaking landscapes.

If you keep driving along the coast, you'll arrive in Durban, where the sideshore Indian Ocean breeze will always be a good idea between August and November.


Mozambique has everything a windsurfer needs to be happy.

Warm waters, consistent southeast and northeast winds between June and October, uncrowded flat and wave spots, and incredible wildlife.

Try the windsurfing opportunities around Pemba.

Hurghada, Egypt: a windsurfing paradise in the Red Sea | Photo:


In Kenya, leave the elephants, lions, and giraffes alone.

Embark on the "windsurfari" of a lifetime, with endless white sand beaches and two reliable trade winds: the Kaskazi (northeast wind, blowing between December and March) and the Kusi (south wind, blowing between October and November).

Drive and explore the 140-kilometer coastline between Mombasa and Mambrui.


In the Red Sea, Egypt's west coast offers year-round sun and wind for all windsurfing addicts.

With premium flat water arenas and constant north winds, the coastline area between El Gouna and Soma Bay will certainly overcome your expectations, especially between March and October.

Up north, the Sinai Peninsula presents identical wind and weather patterns.

In the Gulf of Suez, the wind builds throughout the day and blows until sunset.

Don't expect to find plenty of swells, but if you're a free rider or a freestyler, it's surely a wise choice.


The journey through Africa's finest windsurfing spots ends in Djerba, North Africa's largest island.

The Tunisian territory offers quality northeast winds between May and October. The eastern half of the island is the best region for windsurfing.

Get an in-depth look at all African windsurfing spots in "The World Kite and Windsurfing Guide."

Africa | The Best Windsurfing Spots

Essaouira: Sidi Abdellah, Bibahm, Moulay, Essaouira, Taguinza, Sidi Kaouki, L'Oued, Secret Bay, Iftane

Cape Verde
Sal: Fontona, Curral Joul, Alibaba, Secret Spot, Canoa, Ponta do Rife, Ponta Preta, Ponta do Sino, Santa Maria, Ponta do Leme Velho, Kitebeach, Rife Parda

Tiger Reef, Swakopmund, Guns, Walvis Bay Lagoon, Walvis Bay Speed Strip, Donkey Bay, Paaltjes

South Africa
West Coast: Jojo's, Elandsbaai, Sehlly Point, Swartriet, Hobie Beach, Cape Sports Bay, Pearly's Beach, Shark Bay, Yzerfontein, Silverstroomstrand
Cape Town: Melkbos, Hakgat, Kitebeach, Dolphin Beach, Rietvlei, Sunset Beach, Milnerton Beach, Witsands, Misty Cliffs, Scarborough, Platboom, Glencairn, Fishoek, Muizenberg
Overberg: Macassar, Strand, Pringle Bay, Stony Point, Betty's Bay, Kleinmond, Hawston, Maanskyn Baai, Suiderstrand, Struisbaai, Kassiesbaai, Witsands
Durban: Richards Bay, Pelican Island, Tinley Manor, La Mercy Lagoon, Umdloti, Durban Kitebeach, Vetch's Beach, Bayhead, Durban Bluff, Warner Beach, Scottsburgh, Palm Beach

Ponta D'Ouro, Ponta Malongane, Ponta Mamoli, Mekufi, Murrebue, The Lighthouse

Lamu Island, Mambrui Beach, Malindi Bay, Malindi Town, Watamu Beach, Kilifi Creek, Shanzu Beach, Nyali Reef, Tiwi Beach, Diani Reef, Galu Beach

Red Sea's West Coast: Zaafarana, Mangroovy Beach, Movenpick, Seahorse Bay, Magawish/Colona, Sofitel/Ibi & Friends, Grand Seas/Tommy Friedl, Yasmin Village, Soma Bay, Abu Soma, Safaga, Baby Bay, Giant Bay, Blue Lagoon, Camel Beach, Wadi Lahami, Lahami Bay
Sinai Peninsula: Ras Sudr, Habibi Beach, Moses Bay, El Nabq, Dahab

Djerba: Houmt Souk, Radisson Hotel, Club Mistral, Calimera Yati Hotel, Small Kite Lagoon, Souk el Ghebli, Bordj Kastil