The boy who built a windsurfer with plastic and wood

January 28, 2014 | Windsurfing
Abderazaq Labdi: in 1998, he built his own windsurfing equipment

In 1998, Abderazaq Labdi was just another kid enjoying the pleasures of life by the sea. He wanted to go windsurfing, but he didn't own proper equipment.

The photograph above was taken in Morocco.

Essaouira, Labdi's hometown, had great wind conditions for sailing away in the Atlantic Ocean, but the boy was too young to have his own windsurfing gear.

Abderazaq lived near Moulay, one of the best windsurfing spots in Morocco.

Here, the northeast "Charki" trade wind blows all year round, so it's easy to get into sailing.

Abderazaq Labdi: rigging and setting sail

A Plastic Sail and a Wooden Mast

With no money for brand new windsurf boards and sails, Abderazaq Labdi decided he had to build a similar custom-made model.

With a few meters of plastic and wooden sticks, he built the sail. With a plank of wood, he shaped the board.

The pictures of the young Abderazaq Labdi were published in a magazine and stunned the windsurfing world.

Fifteen years later, the same photos entered the social network circle, and sponsors stepped up to support the Moroccan rider.

With or without sponsors, Abderazaq is an accomplished windsurfer and already owns his gear.

Happily, the passion is still there, somewhere in the waters of Moulay.