The day nine windsurfers stood up on a single board

Longest windsurf board: nine sailors, nine sails and a 18-meter plank

Do you remember the world's longest windsurf board record day? It's time to get in the time capsule and relive one of the strangest and most exciting days in the history of windsurfing.

Let's travel back to the 1980s. Mistral was ruling the world of windsurfing.

Coca-Cola was spreading its worldwide domination as the most popular drink on the planet.

Windsurfing was growing fast in Europe.

Holland's first windsurfer, Toen Joop Nederpelt, wanted a new record for the longest windsurf board ever made and sailed.

From the water tank of the Delft University of Technology to the real world, there's a huge difference, but the model was ready to be tested in front of hundreds of excited spectators.

A Global Hit

Nine windsurfers, nine Coca-Cola-sponsored sails, and an 18-meter windsurf board. Could it sail away? Would it sink or float?

"Coca-Cola really wanted to do it. No matter what I said, everything was great for them," Toen Hoop Nederpelt once revealed to Motion Windsurf Magazine.

"No matter how it cost. For Mistral, it was also a good deal. Their logo was on each sail."

The passionate windsurfer who taught the Dutch Royal House how to windsurf got impressed with the impact of the world's longest windsurfer record.

"One week later, the clipping service delivered over four hundred newspaper cuts from around the world."

"Even the Guinness Book of Records dedicated an entire page to it," Nederpelt explained.

The world's longest windsurf board record day was filmed, and the footage reveals two extra funny moments - the moment the windsurfer tows a wakeboarder and the double windsurf jump over the giant board.

Classic and unforgettable.

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