Windpower Super Skate Sail: get anywhere, fast

It's a windsurf sail. It's a kiteboarding kite. It's the Windpower Super Skate Sail. We may fall into the trap of thinking that everything in extreme sports has been invented. So, why don't you try something completely different?

Meet the new portable folding sail design that can be used with skates, street skates, rollerblade skates, classic roller skates, and even snowboards.

It weighs only a few pounds and can be easily transported in car luggage.

When you find an open space, just enjoy. The Windpower Super Skate Sail folds down in seconds, and you'll speed down the street like a torpedo.

If you think you're going too fast, close the curtain.

The sailing invention offers many possibilities. It is available in six different colors. You can also use it in the mountains with a snowboard.

Folding the sail only takes 15 seconds, and you can buy the Super Skate online.

The Windpower Super Skate Sail, designed by David Guillot, comes pre-assembled in its own bag with a shoulder strap.

It is easy to learn and can be challenging for extreme athletes.

Watch the Super Skate Sail in action.

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