Wilhelm Schurmann wins 2011 Highland Spring HIHO

July 8, 2011 | Windsurfing
Wilhelm Schurmann: he prefers windsurfing to yachting

The Highland Spring HIHO 2011 offered a great windsurfing as over 50 racers completed a total of 13 races in five days, in the British Virgin Islands. Wilhelm Schurmann, from Brazil, was the major standout of the windsurfing class. Slater Trout, a 16-year old sailor from Maui, won all the open class SUP races.

While Schurmann won every race he was hounded by Swiss competitor, Andrea Colombo. "He was pretty close to me on one or two races,” admits Schurmann. The Brazilian sailor has reconquered the title.

In the Yolo One Design SUP class, Janette Ocampo from Hermosa Beach, California paddled hard to beat out Casey Trout. Michael Daniels, from the BVI, was third.

The Highland Spring HIHO 2011 saw windy conditions test the competitors as they toured the BVI’s on a series of island-to-island races. Participants are accommodated aboard captained catamarans and there are nightly parties. The fleet visits new islands every day. The event attracts racers and non-racers from all over the World.

Windsurfing Results

1. Wilhelm Schurmann
2. Andrea Colombo
3. Elia Colombo
4. Rupert Rhodes
5. Peter Lumley
6. Matteo Colombo
7. Chris Simpson
8. Filippo Colombo
9. Josh Morrell
10. Gabriel Creque