Windsurfer One Design will reborn in the US market

August 31, 2009 | Windsurfing
Windsurfer One Design | Photos: Michael McGrath

It’s never really been out of use in Australia. The Australian manufacturer of the Windsurfer One Design (Windgenuity, Sydney) reports interest from Italy and USA.

In the latest issue of Windsurfing (US), Winter 2009 (Aug), p46 states: The Original Windsurfer was the board that started it all – and now you may be able to buy one. Ted Schweitzer, son of Original Windsurfer founders Hoyle and Diane Schweitzer, has plans to reintroduce the board to the US market. “I can’t believe how many people have expressed interest in ordering, sight and price unseen”, says Schweitzer.

Some of us can remember sailing the original craft - dacron sails, teak (square-ish to rounded) booms, and manual adjust centerboard.

Following the Perth Worlds in 1985, a new board was introduced, and it’s still in production today.

The new board has a shorter aluminum boom, retractable centerboard, and mylar sail.

1985 marks the beginning of the funboard era. About that time, alternative boards began to move into the Australian market.

The longboard era lasted into the early 2000s when Formula Windsurfing took over.

Longboards and the Windsurfer one-design are making a comeback as the noughties close.

What about wave sailing. That’s never gone out of fashion!

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