Windsurfers complete the Derwent Reservoir stage of the 2009 UKWA Inland National Championships

July 7, 2009 | Windsurfing

2009 UKWA Inland National Championships, at Derwent Reservoir

Last weekend the UKWA was again given a warm welcome by Derwent Sailing Club as the 2009 series moved on to Derwent Reservoir. If there was a vote for the warmest welcome then this event would certainly be very close to the top of the list.

Derwent Reservoir must also be one of the most beautiful location on the UKWA tour set in a valley surrounded by rolling hills and forests which ironically seem to have a positive effect on the wind, which generally builds as it funnels down the valley.

The Camping field  & car park was a mass of motor homes, caravans and tents as the UK’s top course racers looked forward to continuing the action in the UKWA Inland Series whilst enjoying the summer sunshine.

69 sailors turned out to race last weekend 4th & 5th July for Round Three of UKWA Inland National Championships, at Derwent Reservoir. Saturday greeted competitors with clear sky’s and sunshine. Saturday was predicted by all the various forecasts to be the best day for racing so Race officer Tessa Ingram and her crews took to the water early and a course was soon set.

This was always going to be a challenging and difficult weekend for the race officer and her dedicated team. Light breezes with big shifts, made conditions difficult. Wisely Tessa set a windward, leeward course with a well-positioned bottom gate, which added interest and provided an element of decision making to the racing.

Any thoughts that young Tessa would be giving the competitors an easy day were soon set aside as race one lasted 45 minutes for the main body of the fleet. The race officer ran two rounds of racing for all raceboard fleets in the morning session as the early promises of wind subsided.

After lunch as the wind built briefly and a further two rounds of course racing for raceboard fleets were held, with no let up on the long and challenging courses. Racing went on until late afternoon but unfortunately conditions never permitted racing for the formula fleet although a couple of starts had been attempted.

On Saturday night there was food available in the sailing club and a local band entertained competitors.  With the evening remaining warm the bar was extremely popular and well frequented as it has been in previous years, competitors and parents passed the time away by playing outrageous games and dancing to the band accompanied by the questionable musical skills of guest tambourine players.

During the night there had been some heavy storms but sunshine was the order of the day on Sunday. The morning session saw much better wind, still light but much more consistent. The Race officer moved the course to the other end of the reservoir and set a big box course.

Two good races were held for raceboard fleets and to everyone’s surprise a round of racing for formula although it was necessary to shorten the course towards the end.

After lunch the wind became much more variable and Saturdays shifty conditions returned. One leg the windward mark could be laid without a single tack whilst the next lap saw sailors tacking over and over again. A further two rounds of racing were held before the wind disappeared before returning momentarily with huge gusts as a storm blew over the club.

Thanks to Derwent Sailing Club for making us so welcome, to Dave Dobson from NEWS for all his help behind the scenes, Roger from Derwent Sailing Club, the rescue crews & support boats, the race officer and her team and the admin staff who all contributed to make this such a successful event

Particular thanks to Overboard, for the excellent product prizes going to all fleets and especially for the three bigger prizes drawn by Roger club commodore, from the tally board.

2 Junior 4.5
1st Sarah Labourne
2nd Joseph Patrick

3 Junior 5.5
1st Dean Hargreaves
2nd Cameron Coghill
3rd Sam Thompson

8 Raceboards
1st Mark Kay
2nd Tom Naylor
3rd Bob Ingram

6 RS:X
1st Jamie Ingram
2nd Tom Eskdale
3rd Chris Dowson

1st 6.8 Kieran Martin(1st Overall)
2nd 6.8 Oliver Bradley-Baker
3rd 6.8 Imogen Sills

1st 7.8 Joe Bennett(2nd overall)
2nd 7.8 Kieran Burley(3rd overall)
3rd 7.8  Tom Squires

10 Formula
1st Keith Atkinson
2nd Jason Clarke
3rd Liam Round

1 Freerace
1st Geoffrey Thompson

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