Jimmy Diaz

As the PWA embarks on the final event of the season, there’s more big transfer news as Starboard add to their wave and race team with two new talented riders.

The PWA’s President and long time slalom racer, Jimmy Diaz will be joining the Starboard racing fraternity. Here’s Jimmy on how it all came about:

“It all started as a result of F2 going into bankruptcy protection. This left me without a board sponsor and allowed me to step aside and look at the windsurfing scenario and see where I could best pursue my options. I had never approached Starboard in the past because they already had such a great team and I did not see how I could contribute to it.

However, after the situation with F2 I looked at companies from a very critical standpoint in deciding whom to approach. What I saw in Starboard was, first and foremost, a company who is year after year producing the most competitive boards on the market.

I wanted to race on the best boards and seeing the success Antoine and Kevin were having, I knew the boards were working very well. The second thing I looked at was the strength of the company and the reasons behind it. I have known Svein for quite a few years now and have developed a very strong respect for him.

I really like the way he thinks and views the sport and his philosophy is a very healthy one not only for the growth and promotion of Starboard, but also for windsurfing in general. Knowing the success of Starboard, I knew Svein had developed a very strong team around him to push the company and sport forward.

This was very appealing to me. So after factoring these things in my mind, I decided to try my chances and approach Svein to see if there was any room in the team for me. Fortunately, Svein, Tiesda, and Joe were able to find a place for me on the team and now I look very much forward to contributing as much as possible to its success.”

And secondly, after a brief spell on F2, Philip Koster has signed back with Starboard. Svein Rasmussen, president of Starboard International, was so impressed by Philip’s performance in Gran Canaria he flew to the Canaries to personally congratulate and bring the 14 year old wonderkid back to the brand with the Tiki logo.

At the Gran Canaria PWA Wave event last month, Philip Koster knocked out wavesailing superstars Levi Siver and Alex Mussolini, before losing closely to Victor Fernandez. Philip also won the airtime award with the biggest jump of the event at 4.08 seconds.

And he’s only 14. Not since the time when Bjorn Dunkerbeck appeared on the scene have competitors seen such a impressive talent at such a young age – so definitely a space to watch out for.

With young riders like Sarah–Quita, Kiri Thode, Jaeger Stone, Amado Wiesvijk, French darling Alice Arutkin, Connor Baxter, Zane Schweitzer and with the experienced Jimmy Diaz now the official Dream Team Coach for these youngsters, it certainly look like a second generation of Starboard Dream Team riders is about to storm the world.

Bjorn Dunkerbeck

Bjorn Dunkerbeck (SUI, Proof, North Sails) and Valerie Ghibaudo (FRA, Loft Sails) are the European Champions of Speed Windsurfing 2008!

In a thrilling final gold fleet race Bjorn Dunkerbeck defeated Antoine Albeau (FRA, Starboard) who was leading the competition until that final race. Both were tied in points, with the tie broken in favour of Antoine Albeau by the top speed of the season (43.68 knots), a new spot record as well.

Cyril Moussilmani (FRA, Fanatic, North) saved his third place with his fifth third position out of six races, clearly ahead of former world record holder Finian Maynard (BVI). In fifth place then Chris Lockwood (AUS, Carbon Art, KA Sails).

In the womens fleet, Valerie dominated all six races with six victories, also clear in second Anja Kruse (GER, F2, North) with five second places. Third place then goes to Elke Schill (GER, F2, North) from the hosting Pro Center.

The event started with the first split fleet race in speed sailing history, to get a proper seeding for the upcoming silver and gold fleet races.

Antoine Albeau (FRA, Starboard) dominated group A, Peter Volwater (NED, F2, North) in second ahead of Cyril Moussilmani (FRA, Fanatic, North), then Chris Lockwood (AUS, Carbon Art, KA Sails).

Group B kicked of with the long expected duell between Bjorn Dunkerbeck and Finian Maynard (BVI), and Bjorn showed with some fantastic runs over 41 knots the potential of that strip. Surprisingly Ben van der Steen (NED) came in second, followed by Torsten Luig (GER, T1, North), Finian in fourth then.

The second day of competition brought the conditions that Devils Bay is well known for: winds of 8 Beaufort, gusting 10, brought problems for almost all of the silver fleet competitors, and the gold fleet was setting new standards in competition speed sailing.

The skippersmeeting was set to 9:00 at that day, as the forecast was promising strong wind early, and the wind was strong. The gold fleet hit the water sharp at 9:30, and everybody was doing 40s easily from the very beginning.

Antoine and Bjorn Dunkerbeck (SUI, Proof, North) were both pushing for higher and higher speeds. Cyril Moussilmani (FRA, Fanatic, North) in third and Finian Maynard (BVI) in fourth.

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Portimão Formula Windsurfing World Championships 

Portimão Formula Windsurfing World Championships 2008 will concentrate the elite of worldwide windsurfing in Portugal, from the 8th to the 14th September.

This ISAF [International Sailing Federation] event joins the best athletes from the 5 continents, to award the best of them the titles of World Champion both in the Men and Women leagues.
At present, the list of participants in these Championships shows the top sailors in the world. Names such as Steve Allen from Australia [World Formula Champion 2006], Ross Williams from UK [Europe Formula Champion], Wojtek Brzozowski from Poland [with several World Champion titles], Willhelm Schurmann from Brazil [Pan-American Champion and #2 of the world rankings], Gonzalo Costa Hoevel from Argentina [the winner of the last Grand Prix that took place in Portugal]... to mention just a few of the brightest stars of this sport's universe.

In the women's league, the current World Champion - Australian Allison Shreeve - is already coming to Portimão, where besides defending her title, she will show the advantages of the new olympic project.

Also many of the most important Olympic sailors, in Qingdao, China, have already asked IWA [International Windsurfing Association] how to participate in these very special World Champions, where we can observe the performance of the new board - aspiring candidate to be the next 2012 official Olympic windsufing board.

The event Portimão Formula Windsurfing World Championships 2008 will be the stage where all the attentions from the highest entities that regulate the Olympic sport will be focused, once that the Formula Windsurfing – One Design is the best project to integrate the next Olympic games. 

With the excellence of this event, the Organizing Committee is leaded by Manuel da Luz [President of the City Hall of Portimão] and assisted by Luís Carito [President of Expoarade, EM], João Pedro Cascais [President of the CA of the Portuguese Sailing Federation], José Guimarães [President of Overpower Club] and Ceri Williams [President of the Class]...

All of them are developing an exemplary work for the success of the event in Portugal.

The International Jury is presided by Pedro Rodrigues - an ISAF jury with a lot of experience in the area - who will work with fellow jury members Andrus Polski from Estonia, Walter Mielke from Germany, César Sanz from Spain and Abel Nunes from Portugal. This Committee is responsible for interpreting and applying the regulations in order to assure the sportive truth.

The Regatta Committee will be presided by Claudio Alessandrello from Italy, who will assure the technical management of the regattas, as well as the team coordination of the markers, measurers, scorers and beach marshals. His most direct collaborators are the Race Officers Manuel Marques and Pedro Guimarães from Portugal, Thomas Michaelis from Germany, and Krysztof Jaszczynski from Poland.

In the technical and organizational area, the Overpower Club will be the LOA [Local Organizer Authority], by delegation of IWA [International Windsurfing Association], FPV [Portuguese Sailing Federation] and ISAF [International Sailing Federation].

José Guimarães [President of Overpower Club], the local organizer, doesn't hide his satisfaction, stating: “We are very happy that IWA has trusted us the organization of its major event... we promise to do everything in order to assure the success of these Championships.”

Portugal sure can be proud of having been designated as the organizer of such an important event, for these World Championships always count with numerous contestants from countries that are influent within this sport.

Portimão, where the event will take place, is the heaven for the practice of nautical sports. It has 8km of beach and the wind conditions are normally side off-shore or off-shore of constant 12 to 20 knots. The water temperature is about 22ºC and the air temperature is of around 25ºC.

Besides the undeniable connection of this city to the sea, the visitors will be able to find here the most emblematic nautical events: World Jetski Championships, World Kitesurfing Championship, Med Cup Trophy, World F1 Powerboat Championship, among others.

Brad Spencer, Annissa Flynn, and Daniel Tarapchak have taken out the 2018 World Flowboarding Championships, in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

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