Philip Koster

NeilPryde have announced the newest member of the TeamPryde International Windsurfing Team. Philip Köster, the 13-yr old wave sailor, of German descent, lives just 100m from the beach in Gran Canaria.

Köster has already made himself known on the professional tour placing first in the junior super jump session at the PWA event in Pozo last year.

“It's fantastic to have the opportunity to work with a young rider with so much talent. If Philip continues to develop his on the water sailing ability as quickly in the future as he has over the past year or so, it's quite possible that were going to see something well out of the ordinary" said Jon Squires from NeilPryde Windsurfing.

Philip will ride the Alpha, a sail ideally suited to the conditions where he lives in Vargas, and he will be joining the rest of the team in Maui next month for the 2009 collection photoshoot and will no doubt attract a lot of interest on the 2008 wavesailing tour.

Source: NeilPryde

Calema Midwinters

The Calema Midwinters 2008 is scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 28th - Sunday, March 2nd. Racing will be held in the Banana River just off Kelly Park in Merritt Island, FL - USA AGAIN for 2008 - Racing for the Pro's/A Fleet will be three days!! Sport Fleet, Workshop and Kid's Fleets will be on Sat./Sun only as in past years.

The Midwinters will be governed by the ISAF Rules and the rules of Formula Windsurfing (as of 1/1/08) - with regard to the Pro & A Formula Fleets - the specified sail size limitations and the listing of approved production equipment. New Weight Divisions will be used if more than 20 competitors in a division.

As in past years - the Sport Formula Fleets allow for ANY production shortboard - but is still limited to One Board/3 Sails.

Kona One Design: Must use a Kona Style board and a 7.4 Zenith sail for all competitors under 85Kg. Mast and booms are open but boom must be aluminum and mast no more than 75% carbon. Racers over 85Kg may race with a 9.0 Zenith sail.

RSX & Prodigy One Design: Must use approved equipment and sail limitations for A Fleet. Sport Fleet Hybrid may use any sail within size limitations.


A FORMULA - PRO Men & PRO Women, Men, Women, Master's 35-54, Grandmasters 55+

A HYBRID - KONA One Design Men, KONA One Design Women, KONA One Design Junior - RSX Men, RSX Women, RSX Junior - PRODIGY Men, PRODIGY Women

A LONGBOARD - OFFICIAL CHANGE AS OF 2/4/08 - THE longboard will be a 3/1 Longboard class as in past events! Please just select A Longboard on the registration form - it will NOT be a limited 7.5 class!

SPORT FORMULA (all on a shorter outside course than A Fleet - racing on Sat/Sunday only)- Men, Women, Masters 35-54, Grandmasters 55-64, Seniors 65+, Kids Fun Time Racing 5.5 limit, Kids Fun Time Racing 7.5 limit, Formula Juniors U16 8.5 limit

SPORT LONGBOARD & CLASSICS - Use of board over 11ft with centerboard -- Open 7.5, Masters 45-64 limit 7.5, Seniors 65+ limit 7.5 , 200lb + limit 9.0

SPORT HYBRID - Use of any longboard Under 11ft with Centerboard - Kona. RSX, Zen, Bic, Prodigy, etc. // Men - limit 9.5, Women limit 8.5, Juniors limit 8.5

WORKSHOP/KIDS - These divisions are for the novice sailors - restricted sail size and ages and will sail on an inside course close to shore. Workshop (learn to race), Kids U16 - limit 6.0, and Superkids U12 - limit 5.0.

Source: Calema


With seven miles of golden sands and sparkling sea, the vibrant cosmopolitan town of Bournemouth has it all – a vast variety of shops and restaurants, buzzing nightlife and endless countryside with beautiful award-winning gardens and water sports galore.

What better location for the UKWA National Windsurfing Festival - an event to showcase our sport and kick off the National Windsurfing Week. The programme will include:

competition: slalom, masterblaster, freestyle and paddle board;

exhibition and demo: from leading brands and ukwa sponsors;

information centre: where to learn;opportunities to improve;how to get into competition

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A beautiful chaos, the ultimate surfing wave, a freak of nature, the advanced surfer's testing ground, a specialty wave, the premier tube riding arena, and, ultimately, the Mecca of surfing.

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