Keith Atkinson

On Sunday 24th February a packed Seckford Theatre in Woodbridge Suffolk witnessed record breaking nine times British Windsurfing Champion Keith Atkinson, being presented with the evenings’ most prestigious award - Suffolk ‘Sports Personality of the Year’.

His move to Felixstowe in 2007 was the beginning of a boost in the promotion of the sport of windsurfing in the region. It saw not only the formation of his Windsurfing Academy but also Keith Atkinson being the driving force behind ‘XtremeFest’ 2007, Felixstowe’s first extreme sports event.

His aim was to target the area’s youth with the object of channelling their energies into sport and away from the less welcome temptations that they are exposed to today.

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Confirmed price money of 18000 Euros is sure to attract a good field for the 2008 Speed Windsurfing European Championship to be held on the island Karpathos in Greece from 20-26 August this year on the "short track" (250m run).

The Speed:World:Cup is the officially sanctioned world tour of the International Speed Windsurfing Class (ISWC), the Professional Kite Riders Association (PKRA) and ISAF.

Events go from exceptional action in Namibia to more cosmopolitan spots such as Fuerteventura - the historical European Speedsurfing Capital, to huge shows of extreme conditions on small islands like Karpathos. In total, there are 200 to 300 competitors at the same time, from places like Australia, Brasil, Germany and Norway.

The Tour has to offer: dynamic, thrilling action, and bring the most visually dynamic aquatic sports to the audience, making it a perfect vehicle to locate sponsors logos; a sport that is set outdoors, healthy and environmental friendly.

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Kauli Seadi

Two-time World Champion Wavesailor Kauli Seadi finally pens deals with both JP Australia and NeilPryde Sails. Seadi signed a three-year contract with both NeilPryde and sister-company JP Australia to cover the complete package of sails, rigs and boards.

In his characteristic Brazilian style, Kauli, 25, gave us a detailed and considered explanation for his decision to switch equipment brands.

'I believe in life there are certain times when you need to take chances and seek-out new opportunities. Up to this point in my career I’ve really been developing my skills as a sailor and I think I’ve proved that I can compete at the highest levels.

What excites me about working with NeilPryde and JP is the ability to push my performance even further with the development of my equipment. NeilPryde offer, an extensive R&D programme and have talented and experience design guys like Robert [Stroj] and Pieter [Bijl].

Here I can play a much bigger part in the Design Process, and work on really specific areas of equipment performance. The Pryde Design Team are able to give me exactly what I’m looking for in terms of handling and feel. It’s just really exciting to think where this could lead us in terms of product development and where it can take me in what I’m able to do out on the water.’

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The full schedule for the 2018 European Skimboarding Cup (ESC) has been released.