Lyon 25: Aaron Homoki was the first skater to clear the infamous French stair set

If there's a challenge that puts a skateboarder's fear to the test, it is a stair gap. In 2015, Aaron Homoki defied the odds and cleared an infamous staircase in France.

Surfers usually say they don't measure waves in meters or feet. Instead, they measured them in increments of fear.

In a way, the same applies to the skateboarding world.

The only difference is that street obstacles and gaps are immovable and hard surfaces, while ocean waves are liquid and morph as they travel and break.

Whatever you ride, the more you stretch the risk, the higher the chances of getting injured.

Historically, stairs have been one of the skater's most exciting frontiers.

From the moment one can ollie off and up a curb, there's no going back: they will want to clear two and then five, seven, and ten steps.

The history of skateboarding is also made up of records and extraordinary achievements, and ollieing off a set of stairs is one of the most iconic feats.

Ali Boulala: the first-ever attempt to clear Lyon 25 took place in 2002

Lyon 25

Lyon 25 is one of the most legendary skate spots on the planet.

The iconic 25 stair set is located at 63 Quai Charles de Gaulle, 69006, in Lyon, France.

If the number of steps and length are not necessarily a problem, its height might be - or vice versa.

Lyon 25 is 22 feet long (6.7 meters) and 14 feet and 9 inches (4.49 meters) tall.

In other words, the tallest staircase, the second-longest gap (after 13 Flat 13), and the second-tallest gap (after the Water Tower) in the skateboarding universe.

If you dare to attempt clearing it, prepare for an impact on your feet, ankles, and legs like nothing you've ever experienced.

The first skater to try his luck at Lyon 25 was Ali Boulala.

The unsuccessful attempts were included in Flip's 2002 skate video "Sorry" and planted a seed in many skaters' brains.

Could Lyon 25 be cleared one day?

Aaron 'Jaws' Homoki: landing the cover of Thrasher with the infamous Lyon 25 jump

Perseverance Pays Off

On June 20, 2014, Aaron "Jaws" Homoki had his first run at the 25-step French stairway.

The outcome was not what he expected. The Pheonix-born skate tore his MCL, resulting in an expected recovery time of six to eight months.

On October 10, 2015, Homoki returned to the crime scene and invited Boulala for moral and technical support.

After studying the spot, listening to his father's advice, building confidence, and putting on protective gear, Aaron was ready to push his board into skateboarding history.

However, after a handful of unsuccessful runs, security closed the spot.

"Jaws" returned to Lyon 25 on Monday, October 12, this time with permission to write a new chapter in modern skateboarding.

Once again, several no-land attempts and a ripped-off wheel almost put an end to the stunt.

But Homoki's determination, backed up by Ali Boulala's positive vibes, was about to pay off.

"Jaws" swapped his wheel for a new one and upgraded his eighth-inch spacers to quarter-inch ones.

To diminish friction, he applied deodorant to the indentations on the underside of the board.

All layers were in place, and the ultimate skateboarding stairway was finally cleared.

Soon after, Tony Hawk texted the 25-year-old: "Congrats. That is one of the greatest feats in skateboarding history."

The stunt ignited controversy.

Critics suggest Homoki's Lyon 25 stunt distorted Ali Boulala's original go-to spirit, stressing that the use of protective gear and altered equipment perverted the essence of the challenge.

The truth is that will and a strong sense of perseverance contributed to making skateboarding 25 steps greater and more self-challenging than any other sport.

Words by Luís MP | Founder of

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