Morey Boogie: the bodyboard celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2021 | Photo: SurferToday

In 2021, an international group of athletes, event organizers, veterans of the surf industry, business people, and anonymous bodyboarders celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Morey Boogie board.

On July 7, 1971, Thomas Hugh Morey woke up early and cut out a piece of foam into a 23 inches wide, 4'6" board with a square tail, a slightly rounded nose, and a sharp trailing edge.

Morey had given birth to a revolutionary new wave riding vehicle - the bodyboard.

The groundbreaking invention opened up new ways of exploring the energy of a wave and extended the limits of the take-off itself.

"Let's Boogie! 50th Anniversary" is a multidisciplinary online and offline event taking place throughout 2021 and led by the charismatic and informal historian of the sport, Patti Serrano.

Serrano gathered a large crew of volunteers, who are helping her set up a website, manage social media, run a bodyboarding contest, curate an exhibition, and promote a fundraiser.

"There has never been a better time we can pay back Tom Morey for his invention of the Boogie Board than now," explains Patti Serrano.

"Many of us had the course of our lives changed because of this fun board. It has been 50 years since Tom conceptualized it, and now it is time to celebrate."

"We need everyone's help. We plan on creating fundraisers for Tom and Marchia for an entire year. We are going to tag into other events to raise money for them."

"As you probably can imagine, it is going to take a lot of work and organization. I'm in to be the connector of all the dots."

"I'm going to devote a full year to pay back Tom for the many years of enjoyment he brought me. Not to mention my career!"

Patti Serrano (right): wearing the Morey Doyle sweater | Photo: Sol Morey Archive

Honoring Tom Morey's Vision

The worldwide celebration is expected to reach its climax in July 2021, when the boogie board hits 50.

There are at least two events that have already been confirmed - Shred The Web, an online bodyboarding video competition, and the Golden Jubilee Boogie Fest, a celebratory weekend that will honor Tom Morey's invention.

The California Surf Museum will also debut "Let's Boogie: Tom Morey and the Evolution of the Boogie Board," an in-depth exhibition showcasing historical photos, gear, loose items, and stories that are now part of bodyboarding history.

There's also officially licensed merchandise available at the official website, and a documentary is in the making.

The Global Boogie Board Group (GBBG) is the committee in charge of organizing the worldwide 50th-year celebration of the bodyboard.

The team includes Serrano, Washington Teixeira, Brad Marsh, Glenn Policare, Steve Jackson, Anthony Arturo Leone, Sol Morey, Alex McClafferty, Marcello Pedro, and Alexandre Varão.

Former professional bodyboarder and sports commentator Manny Vargas will be in charge of running the GBBG operations.

"We have Tom's endorsement on the authentic promotional items and plan to celebrate with fundraisers worldwide. We have a goal of $50,000 for the entire year," adds Serrano.

In July 2021, Tom Morey will be 85 years old. He is one of the most influential people in the history of surfing.

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