Morey Boogie: this time partnering with Churchill swim fins

Between the mid-1970s and the late 1990s, Morey Boogie released several high-impact ads featuring the boards and stars of the newly created sport of bodyboarding.

In a time when the only media were newspapers, magazines, radio, and television, the ultimate bodyboarding company produced a series of creative ads that slowly but steadily reached their target.

The world's first bodyboard saw the light of day on July 9, 1971.

From that moment on, the sport of bodyboarding spread throughout the world, becoming one of the most successful and popular new sports on the planet.

When Tom Morey, the inventor of the modern boogie board, understood that he had shaped a miracle wave-riding vehicle, he started investing in magazine and newspaper ads.

The American engineer-inventor-surfer-musician knew that he could only accelerate the promotion of his Morey Boogie boards via mass media and event and athlete sponsorship.

To start things off, Morey developed a DIY kit that transferred the "construction" of the board to the final consumers, a model that was pretty much IKEA-style.

Then, he went on to expand his line of operation with a comprehensive range of boards for all needs, waves, and levels of experience.

But there's more. Here are some of the finest Morey Boogie from the pre-internet era and their respective transcription:

The $25 Morey Boogie Kit (Circa Late 1970s)

The $25 Morey Boogie Kit: the ad from the late 1970s

Enclosed is $25 for each Morey Boogie. Free shipping in U.S., Hawaii, Puerto Rico.

"The boogie was just what I was looking for," writes Bob Conway of La Jolla, California

"Dear Tom,

I bought the one boogie left at Moore's Surf Shop for $25. A deal. Since then, I've surfed almost every day - good form, bad form. I'm completely stoked!

The boogie gives me the closeness and freedom with the wave that you get in body surfing, with the speed and maneuverability of board-surfing. But you know that yourself.

Take-offs are fantastic - so smooth and effortless. I've found you can release the inside edge, sideslip for a while a section builds, then catch the edge again and move across the face.

Thanks for inventing the boogie - it's just what I was looking for. Best wishes to your family, Bob Conway."

Riding is all different when you become flexible to the wave. Lay the boogie to the exact contours of the wave for speed. Hop safely over, guys and skim shallow reefs in your way. Warp yourself into maneuvers no one has ever done.

Developed originally in Hawaii for unrideable coral and urchin-loaded reefs, the boogie now comes in simple kit form.

Putting one together is easy and fun. You glue on the skins and are in the water the afternoon it arrives.

Each kit contains an unbreakable hand-shaped polyethylene foam core, razor blade, sandpaper, roll of edge tape, and two large smooth-dimpled iridescent boogie skins... everything you need except glue and a brush which you get at any hardware store or may already have.

Order yours today, while materials last, from Rich Parr, Honolulu - Mother Nature's Son, Koloa, Joan Rochelle, Kapaa, or direct from us, using the above coupon.\


The Morey Boogie Newsletter, Number 1 (Spring 1980)

The Morey Boogie Newsletter, Number 1: released Spring 1980)

Coming Soon...

In keeping with the soft safe concept of all Morey Boogie products is the new Soft Skimboard. It's made of a super-tough planing surface which is laminated to a soft core with specially shaped "Bumper Rails." On top is a brightly colored soft deck for comfort and traction. All you need is a sandy beach and a little wave action to provide a thin coating of water, and it's time to go skimboarding!

Contest Calendar (...)

Doyle Refines Surfboard Line (...)


The Original Morey Boogie (1980s)

The Original Morey Boggie: the ad from the 1980s

The main reason so many people are getting into Boogie boarding is because it is really fun! Sure, the Morey Boogie is soft and comfortable, it's easy to carry around, you don't have to hassle with wax - all that's nice. But if the board weren't really fun to ride, all those features wouldn't mean much. The fact is, thousands of people are finding out it really is fun to ride waves on a Morey Boogie. Some ride huge waves and go for all-out performance, and some just ride the soup, but just about everyone can ride it. For many, it is a first introduction to other ocean sports as it teaches you wave judgment, placement, and maneuvers, but more find that good Boogie riding is an end in itself. After all, what could match the thrill of looking out the tube of a 10-foot wave from atop a 3-pound flexible foam rocket?

The best riders in the world are constantly testing our products. Through the years, we have fine-tuned the shape to offer Boogie riders a vehicle that sums up everything we have learned. Get on one and find out for yourself what the thrill of Boogie riding is all about. You really will enjoy it.

Featured Rider: Scott Harrison

Don't feel bad if you don't stand up on your Morey Boogie board. It's practically impossible. But nobody told that to Scott Harrison as he slides right on his way for a win in the AAA Division of the Western Boogie Association contest at Zuma Beach. Scott is riding a stock Morey Boogie board, but he is the kind of rider who will be interested in the soon-to-be introduced Pro-Line Morey Boogie board. Look for the Red Edge for extra stiffness and top performance for trick riding. It will be available soon at fine surf shops and sporting goods stores in your area.


The Deja Vu/Morey Boogie Ad (Circa 1986)

The Deja Vu/Morey Boogie: the ad from 1986

Experience the fast action of Morey Boogie bodyboards today. Morey's Mach 7-7 and Mach 10 boards have a hot reputation for performance on Kauai's waves. Quality materials and a trick shape makes Morey the best. See all the specially priced Morey boards at Deja Vu!

Deja Vu/NSSA Boogie Board Contest
The contest takes place this Saturday at Poiku (PK'S). There will be 3 divisions: Women's (Open), Juniors (15 yrs & below), and Men's (16 & over).


The Mike Stewart Turbo III + Mike Stewart Mach 7-7 Ad (1992)

The Mike Stewart Turbo III: the ad from 1992

Mike Stewart Turbo III... Champion Design

Mike Stewart knows what it takes to create a great board... the Turbo III is his design. He dialed in the degrees of stiffness, strength, and the overall configuration. And now he's included two layers of Power Flesh Mesh laminated within the core and bottom skin. It all adds up to a prime Mike Stewart design for power and speed.


Double-Strength X-Flex Core
Two layers of Power Flex Mesh (tough. x-patterned, composite material) laminated on the inner core intensify board stiffness and strength.

Double Rails
Add an extra measure of stiffness.

Mike Stewart Mach 7-7-... The Winner!

The proven winner, the benchmark for all other bodyboards, the Mach 7-7 has been ridden to victory by Mike Stewart in seven World Championships. Because of its advanced design and super adaptability to a wide range of surf conditions, the Mach 7-7 continues to be one of the world's most wanted bodyboards. Now, specially fine-tuned by Mike, and with the addition of X-Flex Core it has become the ultimate Mach 7-7.


X-Flex Core
Layer of Power-Flex Mesh, laminated on the inner core, boosts strength and speed.

60/40 Vacuum-Track Rails
60% rail - 40% chine, in a proven combination of texture and angle, create powerful, high-speed traction.


Surlyn Bottom Skin
Super slick for extra speed. Also tough, durable and scratch-resistant.

Swallow Tail
Radiused tail design adds extra speed to takeoffs.

Wavecore Inner Core
High-performance, exclusive foam core made only by Dow Plastics.


The Mike Stewart Turbo III Ad (1994)

The Mike Stewart Turbo III: the ad from 1994

The king of boards for extreme performance. Take advantage of Mike Stewart's vast experience and knowledge in a board he personally fine-tuned to meet the most demanding conditions.

Board Specs
Nose: 13-1/2''
Wide Point: 22-1/2''
Tail 18-3/4''
Length: 43''
Thickness: 2-3/8''
Rails: 60/40
Double X-flex Core + Surlyn

Mike Stewart Turbo III: Shaped and refined by Mike for heavy surf, it's simply the toughest all around board in our line-up. Perfect for charging big waves, pulling in on hollow surf, and battling dredging shore pounders. We pulled out all the stops on construction: full strength top skin, double x-flex (box strength) core set-up, and tough surlyn bottom skin.


The Mach 10 Ad (1996)

The Mach 10: the ad from 1996

The addition of winger rail has added a new dimension to the Mach 10's handling. Double release points loosen up your turns, making quicker, more precise winning moves a part of your everyday riding. Break the excitement barrier... fly Mach 10 today!

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