Alex Uranga: negotiating a perfect barrel at Rileys

No matter what your plans are, Ireland is always an exciting traveling destination.

The land of U2, famous breweries, Guinness, Saint Patrick, rugby, Celtic music, and breathtaking landscapes is a must-visit nation.

In the past 20 years, the Irish waves have also popped up and entered the mainstream agenda of some of the finest big wave surfers on the planet.

The nation has its more or less hidden gems, even though there are still a lot of uncharted waves to be discovered.

Professional bodyboarder Alex Uranga is a lucky man. During a short trip to Lahinch, a small surf town located in County Clare, the Basque athlete scored big time at the Cliffs of Moher's.

Cliffs of Moher: Windy, Cold, and Challenging

Uranga surfed the famous waves of Aileen's and Riley's.

"The pure air and the wild Atlantic sea free our spirit. I really enjoyed watching how perfect and scary this wave can be," said Uranga.

The bodyboarder traveled with filmmaker Unai Borda, who considered was impressed with what he saw and shot.

"It was a different, colder, windier, scarier experience than what I'm used to, but it was definitely worth the effort," added Borda.

"We had a warm welcome from the locals. Windy and cold, challenging conditions dominated the place, but the ocean's raw power showed us some beautiful beasts."

"We walked long distances, ran uphill a couple of times, and put my equipment and me at risk more than usual, but we had plenty of fun."

"I had the chance to meet great people and a beautiful country. I'll be back someday, for sure," concluded Borda.

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