Andre Botha: landing an air over chocolate | Photo: Marck Botha

Andre Botha is "Not Perfect," but a short film showcasing his recent winter adventures unveils all his potential as a free bodyboarder.

Andre Botha. His name is a brand, especially for those who followed his early 1990s performances. Botha dropped out of school at the age of 15 to pursue a pro bodyboarding career in a time (1995) when not even pro surfers could make ends meet.

The South African from Durban won two GOB World Tour titles (1998 and 1999) but stopped competing in his early 20s. Today, he is a regular guest at Pipeline, having earned the respect of the North Shore crew.

In "Not Perfect," a compilation of waves ridden in South African waters, Andre Botha proves why he is a former world champion. It's all in there, including his well known good vibes.

The way he manages his space inside the barrel, the smart surf lines drawn in all types of conditions, the huge laid-back airs, and the beautiful carves - they all reveal Botha's bodyboarding DNA.

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