Snoogee Board: a bodyboard made for snowboarding | Photo: Snoogee Boards

From high atop the Austrian slopes, Australian brothers Ben and Michael Bateman have launched the Snoogee Board, the world's ultimate carving sled.

The Snoogee Board combines the control of a snowboard with the thrill of bodyboarding. Eight years in development, the Snoogee Board is no quick-fix, snap-reaction product brought to market.

Following extensive research across Australia, Europe, and the United States, Ben and Michael Bateman have worked hard to reinvent how and where a sled can ride.

The Snoogee Board takes the edge control of a snowboard and the functionality of a bodyboard, and not only bridges the gap, but creates a whole new category.

It was designed for anyone, anywhere; it's the hottest new piece of gear set to provide adrenaline junkies with the ultimate snow fix.

Snoogee is the only sled that turns and stops on its edges and the only sled capable of creating resort run and urban sledding (which, until now, has been the exclusive domain of skiing and boarding).

Almost anywhere you can ride a snowboard, you can ride a Snoogee Board, too. Another key element, unique to Snoogee, is that riders can do more than lay down; they can sit, kneel or stand.

The board is engineered to perfection, providing the responsiveness and comfort needed to land large jumps too.

Snoogee Board: for use by all ages and skill levels | Photo: Snoogee Boards

A Story of Passion and Perseverance

The inspiration for the Snoogee Board came from co-founder Ben Bateman during a gap year in the United States. He found himself surrounded by snow but living far from the fields.

"I'm an adrenaline junkie and a bodyboarder since I was 13. I saw people using sleds, but there's no progression of skill, which can be a bit boring," says Ben Bateman.

"I wanted to merge my love for the waves and the slopes and create the ultimate snow fix."

Bringing the Snoogee to life is the result of passion and perseverance. The board will retail at around US $350, but on Kickstarter, it can be purchased at a super early bird price of AU $278.

Reaching the funding goal on Kickstarter will trigger the production of the first 1,000 units.

Designed for All Snow Lovers

With accessibility in the top of mind, the Snoogee Board is intended for use by all ages and skill levels, with particular interest also from those with disabilities. But this is no easy ride.

The Snoogee is great not only for sledding beginners but also for experienced boarders and versatile action sports enthusiasts, including wakeboarders, longboard skaters, and BMX and MTB riders looking for a snow fix.

Last week, the brothers were in Austria to give the board one final ride before going live.

"We hit the slopes of Wildkogel Mountain in Austria, building jumps to get air and carving powder. I can assure you, no other sled on Europe's sled runs is as versatile or high performing as the Snoogee," concludes Ben.

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